Write New Worlds

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou

At Faith Matters Network, our mission is to heal the healers. A huge part of healing is telling your story. From our own lived experiences, we know that spiritually grounded leaders deserve the spaces and resources to tell their stories through the written word. Writing nurtures our spiritual sustainability by helping us to:

  • Retreat from the hustle of our everyday lives to process past experiences 
  • Reflect to gain perspective on the future and explore our dreams and visions
  • Share our voice in the public square, especially the stories and truths that are not being heard

As a resource for our community, we have curated this list of retreats, workshops, and residencies to support your writing in 2024. Whether you are just starting out with writing or are an established author, we hope this list will spur your imagination and encourage you to take advantage of opportunities that will help you to write new worlds.


Writing Retreats
Writing Residencies 
Classes and Workshops 
Grants for Writing