Our Website Got a Makeover!

This year has brought on much excitement at Faith Matters Network with the transition to a 501(c)(3) status and elevating our programming and platforms for our network. Along with that change, has been a year-long rebranding and website reconstruction project with the direction of our communications team and creative designer Lauren Johnson, owner of Providence & Design, LLC.

We are thrilled to introduce to you our new beautiful website! When we began brainstorming what tone we wanted to set with our organizational presence online and through design– we kept circling back to the symbolism behind the color purple and the earthy hues that evoke a sense of grounding, thoughtfulness, and rest. Faith Matters Network prides itself on being an organization that is engaged in the work of justice, but prioritizes spiritual and emotional wellbeing as a catalyst to personal and collective liberation. Because our work promotes deep rest, renewal, and is rooted in Womanist values, we drew from that inspiration to design elements that mimicked what we preach. We enjoyed playing around with visuals that reflect nature and the cyclical life– the rootedness and resilience required for growth, much like our inner lives.

We hope you enjoy perusing through our new site and soak in the thoughtful and playful details that are meant to inspire, uplift, and encourage connection– because no one transforms their world alone.